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Think back for a moment, can you recall your first travel experience? That first time that you ventured outside of your home area in order to live life in a different part of the world.

I have zero recollection of my first trip, but thanks to some old family photos, I am able to share with you what it actually was. Not many kids can say that their first trip was to the beautiful island paradise of Puerto Rico.

It was about three years after my birth, and my young parents decided to make our first family trip to the birthplace of our ancestors. Obviously, my memories of this excursion are long gone, but I’m completely sure that it had lasting effects on me.

We lived in Chicago, so it must have been quite a change of environment for a young child to go through. Hopefully I wasn’t too much of a nuisance on the plane to my fellow passengers, and if I was, then I am truly sorry.

Thanks to one of the pictures, I do know that we visited the Bacardi factory (thanks Mom & Dad). Outside of that, I’m sure I enjoyed the weather, trees, and singing coquis.

It would be quite a while before I actually returned to La Isla del Encanto. Regardless, the travel seed (or bug?) was planted and the foundations were laid for an amazing global adventure.

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