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In this video we visit Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood, the famous art district located less than three miles from Downtown Miami. Known for having the most street murals in the entire world, Wynwood is a neighborhood with a super rich history.

We will tour the Wynwood neighborhood, check out the street art, the murals at Wynwood Walls, grab some Asian food at 1-800-Lucky, some espresso at Panther Coffee, and contemplate high end art purchases at GGA Gallery.

The Wynwood Art District is a must-see during your visit to Miami and especially if you live in South Florida. It is completely free and the Wynwood Walls are open to the public during set hours you can find on their website.

Have you been to the Miami neighborhood of Wynwood? What did you think of Wynwood Walls? Have you eaten at 1-800 Lucky or grabbed an espresso or latte from Panther Coffee? Comment below!!

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