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In this video we talk about how to survive Chicago Winter, a winter that’s not only unpredictable but extremely cold and snowy at times.

Last winter we survived the Polar Vortex and so far this winter has been fairly mild.

You will learn my five best keys to surviving Chicago Winter. Unfortunately, you can’t just stay inside, you’ve got to get out there and take care of business during the winter.

My five keys to surviving the winter in Chicago are based on my personal experiences surviving and thriving during Chicago winters. First, you need to prepare for the winter, make sure you have most of what you need before the season starts. Second, you have to wear the proper winter clothes like coats, sweaters, layers, gloves, scarves, hats, and boots.

Keep watching for the rest of the keys to surviving Chicago winters!

It gets so cold that we call our city Chiberia in the winter!

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