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In this video we present Chicago things to do from a local, we will travel around the city and do 10 fun free things to do in Chicago during winter.

Chicago can be an expensive city whether you live here or are visiting, but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many fun free things to do in Chicago, during winter when it’s super cold outside there are some things to do that are better, so you can stay warm during the Chicago Winter.

Here are the 10 free things to do in Chicago during winter.

10. Lincoln Park Conservatory

9. Fourth Presbyterian Church

8. Water Works / Water Tower

7. Chicago Cultural Center

6. Millennium Park

5. Harold Washington Library (Chicago Public Library Main Branch)

4. Clarke House Museum Tour

3. National Museum of Mexican Art

2. Lagunitas Brewing House Tour

1. Headquarters Beercade

Since it’s currently winter in Chicago we wanted to do things that were mostly indoors, we did all these fun things to do in Chicago in one day and didn’t spend any money!

In the comments let us know what your favorite free thing to do in Chicago is. Let’s get this video to 100 Likes for a Part 2!!

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