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In this video I’m going to show you a day in the life of a Chicago software engineer working from home. From my morning routine, to my day, to what I do after I wrap up my work.

I’m currently working as a software engineer for a financial services company, my office is located in the Rookery Building in The Loop in the heart of Chicago’s financial district. However, for the past few weeks I have been working as a remote software developer.

Chicago is a major United States tech hub, and we are fortunate to have many highly skilled software engineers in the area.

My company is a Microsoft shop and we use Azure cloud services, SQL database, C# on the server side, and Angular for our front end framework for the application that I work on. My tools include Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition, Visual Studio Code, Cmder, Postman, and SQL Server Management Studio.

We use git for our source control and Azure DevOps for our code repositories, pull requests, and task management.

As a software engineer remotely working from home every day, my day begins at 7 AM when I wake up. The first thing I do is head to the kitchen to make some delicious coffee. At 8 AM, I begin working, at 9:30 AM is my agile scrum standup. At 12 PM, I take a break for lunch, play some piano, and read some software engineering books (currently reading a javascript book). At 5 PM, I do a home workout.

Are you a software engineer? What is your day like, from commute to the getting home?

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