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In this video we discuss the cost of living in Chicago and whether or not it’s possible to live in Chicago on a budget.

Although Chicago is known for being a relatively affordable cost of living major city, it’s still relatively expensive to live here, especially when compared to other cities across the United States.

When I moved back to Chicago in 2016, I lived on a very strict budget, I wanted my cost of living to be as cheap as possible.

Here are my best budget tips for living in Chicago in 2020, whether your moving here in 2020 or looking to save as much money as possible.

There are several ways to budget in Chicago, starting with your housing costs. To save on your rent, you can get roommates, rent a studio apartment, a garden apartment.

Because of the current situation, many apartments are still on the market and companies are offering specials like a month of free rent or even discounted rent for a year.

I hope you enjoyed this Living in Chicago Vlog!

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