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In this video we’ll discuss the honest truth about traveling in 2020 and the future of travel after the pandemic.

As we all know, the current global pandemic situation has kept us indoors for the better part of 2020 thus far, which, among other things, has meant the cancellation of many trips.

Myself, I’ve thus far cancelled trips to the Dominican Republic, Scotland, New York City, and Paris in 2020. I have friends that have also had to cancel planned vacations in 2020 due to the pandemic.

This is not a complaint by any means, because I still count myself very fortunate and I’m happy to do my part to self-quarantine and restrict my movement throughout the world while we deal with everything.

However, once we move past this, what will travel look like going forward and when will we be able to travel again domestically and internationally? Have you head to cancel trips this year?

When do you hope to travel again or have you already?

Thanks for watching!

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