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In this video we’ll explore why Chicago is called the Windy City as well as discover other nicknames for this great city in Illinois.

Researching and digging through old books to find many of these nicknames was a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy this special look at different labels applied to Chicago over the years.

These are the top 25 Chicago nicknames throughout history. What do Chicagoans say about the nicknames of Chicago?

Personally, I like the following – Chi City, Chiberia, The Windy City, and City in a Garden. Some of the popular nicknames for Chicago include Chicagoland, The 312, Chi Town, and The Second City.

One of my favorite hobbies is to do research on the history of Chicago and come up with all sorts of facts and stories from the 1800s to today.

The city of Chicago has a rich and proud history and every Chicago lover deserves to hear about these.

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago History & Fun Facts Vlog!

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