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With everything that has been happening in 2020, living in Chicago during summer 2020 hasn’t exactly been easy.

From the global pandemic and derecho storm, to the Chicago protests and lack of baseball games, this could be shaping up to be the worst Chicago summer ever.

Sure, you could take that attitude and you’d be completely justified in doing so, especially if one or more of these events has affected you adversely.

Even if the current events of 2020 haven’t affected you seriously, nobody would blame your for being pessimistic.

Personally, I think Chicago needs a huge dose of positivity, and in this video I’m sharing my five ways I’ve maintained a positive attitude.

For this Chicago Summer Vlog, we’ll be walking around Lincoln Park – North Pond, Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, and Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago Vlog!

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