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Is Navy Pier Closed?

In this video we take a look at the amazing history of one of Chicago’s most popular tourist attractions, Navy Pier.

Navy Pier was the first of what was to be five piers on Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore.

The original idea for the piers came from Daniel Burnham’s 1909 Plan of Chicago – he envisioned the piers as a place where Chicagoans could play and relax just like any other park along the lakefront.

Navy Pier was designed by Charles Sumner Frost based on Daniel Burnham’s blueprint and the construction began with workers driving more than 20,000 wooden logs into the lakebed Municipal Pier No. 2 as it was originally named was completed in 1916 but not even a year later it was adapted for military use after the US declared war on Germany.

In 1927 it was renamed Navy Pier to honor soldiers who served in WW1.

After Labor Day Weekend 2020, Navy Pier will be closing down for the forseeable future. Will Navy Pier Chicago ever reopen?

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