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Is Chicago Style Deep Dish “real pizza”? And where do you get the best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

In this video we’ll look at the genesis of Chicago style Deep Dish pizza — it’s been called everything from a casserole to a “quiche made of cement”.

Chicago’s True Signature Pizza –

Although mainly viewed as a touristy food, there’s more depth to this Chicago culinary classic.

The first pizzeria that served up a deep dish pie was The Pizzeria, founded in 1943. It was renamed Pizzeria Uno’s in 1955.

Ric Riccardo founded this restaurant with Ike Sewell. The latter claims to have given the order for a super-sized pizza.

However, Rudy Malnati worked at the pizzeria and is widely credited as the true creator of the Deep Dish Pizza recipe.

Regardless, it’s popularity spread like tomato sauce, first across the Chicagoland area then to all corners of the United States.

We’ll look at the anatomy of Deep Dish and answer the question of “Is it real pizza”?

Where is the best place to grab Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago? Many locals say Lou Malnati’s, and that’s where we’re going in this video. It was founded by Rudy Malnati’s son Lou and Lou’s wife Jean in 1971 in the town of Lincolnwood, Illinois.

They now have over 50 locations across Chicago and the suburbs Other restaurants that serve up deep dish pies include Gino’s East, Giordano’s, Pequod’s, Bartoli’s, Nancy’s, Edwardo’s, and many more!

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago Food Vlog

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