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2020 has been quite a year but with 2021 just around the corner , it’s time to recap the past year and look ahead to the new one.

In this video we take a look back at living in Chicago during the past year and the journey that we’ve been on together so far.

From neighborhood guides and history talks to things to do in quarantine and apartment hunting, we’ve covered so much on this channel in a very short time.

It’s definitely been an interesting year in Chicago, but through it all we’ve learned, grown, and had fun together.

When the year began this channel had less than 100 subscribers and now we are knocking on the door of 4,000.

In 2021, we plan on bringing you more Chicago content, travel guides & vlogs, and lifestyle videos, so keep it locked!

Have a very Happy New Year!!

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago Vlog / Chicago Travel Guide!

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