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In this video I’m sharing my story of how I moved to Chicago with no money and without a job.

It begins in early 2015, I was working for a software company in Gainesville, Florida – but not as a software engineer, which is what my degree was in. I was on the technical support team, so I would walk customers through how to use the software.

Honestly, I should’ve been helping build the software – but for whatever reason I had no direction or outlook for my career, so I let things stagnate to the point where I was fired from this software job.

This happened at the end of summer 2015, and it brought me to a major crossroad. After considering several options, I decided to move back to my hometown Chicago.

Problem was, I had no money and no job, so I needed to figure out a plan…

Along the way, a coding bootcamp would help tremendously

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago Vlog!

New Here? My name is Luis Gusto, I am a filmmaker and YouTuber living in Chicago.

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