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When it comes to living in Chicago, there are endless options for not only the size of your space, but the size and shape of your building.

Starting in the late 1800s and continuing to this day, people’s tastes and preferences in apartments are constantly evolving, and perhaps nothing reflects these changing trends better than Chicago’s residential architecture.

In this video we’re exploring the Lakeview East neighborhood to check out the different types of apartments available for rent in Chicago!

It was about 19 degrees when we filmed this Chicago winter vlog, we’re looking at everything from budget homes to luxury real estate.

Although new buildings pop up all the time, there is a ton of vintage housing in Chicago. You’ll find blend of old and new – although the buildings may be old, the interiors have likely been renovated at least a couple of times.

Many vintage apartments have wooden floors, though a fair amount do have a blend of carpet and linoleum. They also tend to have details that you would almost never find in newer units like glass doorknobs, intricate woodwork, and retro radiators.

The 8 types of Chicago apartment buildings, condos, and homes that are featured in this video include – Rowhouses, Vintage High Rises, Vintage Mid Rises, Mixed-Use Buildings, 2 & 3 Flats, Luxury High Rises, Mansions, Conversion Buildings, and Courtyard Apartment Buildings.

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