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According to the Gregorian Calendar, Winter only lasts three months – from the end of December to the end of March. But if you live in Chicago, you know that winter tends to last just a bit longer.

What’s good YouTube it’s Luis Gusto welcome back to my channel, in this video we’re talking about the ten things you need to know to survive a Chicago winter.

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When does Chicago winter start? Anytime from late October to mid December. It really varies by year, we can never predict it.

What will Chicago winter be like this year? So far it’s been relatively mild but in the past couple of weeks we’ve gotten heavy snow

Why are Chicago winters so bad? I don’t think they’re that bad to be honest, as long as you prepare and have the right gear, you’re good!

Living in Chicago during the winter can be a challenge, but if you know these 10 things you will survive the snow and cold!

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago Winter Vlog!

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