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This is a 360 / VR Narrated Walking Tour of the Snowy Lakefront Trail During Winter in Chicago

HOW TO WATCH: On mobile, simply tilt your device (phone) in different directions in order to view all around (you can also swipe). On desktop, click and drag your cursor to change your view!

BEST 360 CAMERA – What’s good YouTube, welcome to my very first 4K 360 VR video, be sure to look around to get the maximum enjoyment from this experience!

Today we are walking along the Lakefront Trail & Frozen Lake Michigan during the snowy winter in Chicago. Winter 2021 in Chicago had been pretty mild up until a few weeks ago.

It has snowed a ton, some might even say we’ve had mini blizzards, and the temperatures have routinely been below 20 and even below 0!! While watching, make sure to look around everywhere, taking full advantage of the 360 views!

You’ll see snow covered trees, snow on the ground, Lake Shore Drive, Frozen Lake Michigan, Birds like Canadian Geese, Sculptures, Statues, Bridges, and the Skyline!

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