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In the finale of my Pros and Cons of Living in Chicago series, we discuss some of the more popular pros and cons.

From the job market to the extreme winters, we’ll finish talking about what it’s like to move to Chicago in 2021.

Like I mentioned in the first one – when I sat down to write the pros and cons of living in Chicago I came up with way too many for one video, so I decided to break it into a trilogy. In the first two I did 3 pros and 3 cons each time, but since this is the grand finale I’ll talk about 4 pros and 4 cons of living in the Windy City

Look, to me Chicago is home and is the greatest city in the world , but I’m not blind to the fact that there are some aspects of Chicago life that can be improved – so when I list these cons, rather than just complaining or ranting I’ll be somewhat optimistic and/or constructive when I can .

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