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Does Queens have the BEST pizza in New York City? That’s the question we set out to answer on our pizza tour of the biggest NYC borough.

On this pizza tour of Queens, NY we stopped at five different pizzerias, tried 13 slices (plus garlic knots!) in all, and traveled to neighborhoods like Astoria, Fresh Meadows, and Maspeth.

Previously, we did a pizza tour of Lower Manhattan but we wanted to expand out to New York’s other boroughs, starting with Queens. Many pizzerias in Queens have been around for several decades and are family owned.

From grandma slices to NY style slices, we ate some of the most legendary pizza in New York City. New York truly has some of the best food in the entire world.

Although pizza was invented in Italy, it was perfected in the United States. We have done several pizza stops in Chicago and now this is our second pizza tour in New York. We are quickly growing our list of recommended pizzerias in the Big Apple.

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